The stone is an extremely durable material. To preserve its aesthetic values, however, it should be properly secured. Impregnation of the surface of the stone is indispensable for making the floors, tops or window sills made of it serve us for many years without losing its shine. Stone impregnation protects it against dirt and harmful influence of moisture. Lack of adequate protection with the means that the risk of creating difficult or impossible to remove traces, spots or discoloration, increases significantly.
When deciding to impregnate, it should be remembered that the structure of the stone does not allow full protection of the surface, and that the impregnation must be repeated regularly.

Products to watch out for-

Marble – coffee, tea, vegetable and fruit juices, oils, fats, and all products containing harmful acids, strong detergents.

Granite – oils, fats.


Impregnation of the marble is carried out with appropriate, dedicated means. The surface that you want to protect should be thoroughly cleaned, degreased and dry, and the impregnation should be applied very accurately and evenly, and before it dries on the surface, wipe the excess with a dry cloth.


Granite is a very effective and practical material. The durability varies from marble: it is much harder, less porous and more resistant to scratches and the effects of liquids, acids and fats.

Its impregnation and daily care does not differ much from that associated with marble: similarly to marble, granite is worth impregnating from time to time.

With any implementation of natural stone, our company also provides impregnation services, although this must be determined in advance.

Maintenance / daily care

Marble – for everyday care, it is enough to use warm water with soap petals, or agents dedicated to the care of delicate stones. Do not use detergents, abrasive pastes (cif, etc.)

Granite – as an insensitive material, can be washed with generally available cleaning agents, although it is recommended that they are stone care products.

Please also add a section on How to cultivate = Types of surface finishing

Poler – polished surfaces best protect the stone structure, closing its pores becomes less absorbable as well as extracts the color of the stone.

Application: inside and outside buildings except for areas exposed to rain or snow, and in shower enclosures due to the possibility of slipping.

Flame – non-slip surface (granite).

Application: mainly outside buildings, stairs, terraces, walkways.

Brush – irregular surface, porous due to brushing, the color of the stone is extracted.

Application – inside and outside buildings except for areas exposed to rain or snow

Surface – matt surface, rough, exposed to dirt, non-slip.

Application: inside and outside buildings.