Our interior projects :




Our SMG exclusive materials have been utilized in many major and important projects.

The attached pictures show some of the prestigious projects realized around the world, starting with the famous Burj Khalifah, the highest tower in the world, located in Dubai.
Other examples of prestigious projects include international airports in New Delhi, Kuwait, Dubai and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Riyadh.

The founder of Smart Solutions cooperated in the delivery of stone for such projects as:

Cosmopolitan apartment building in Warsaw;
Hotel Europejski in Warsaw;
Warsaw Spire skyscraper – the main hall was awarded the RedDot Design Award 2016;
Holiday Inn Hotel in Katowice;
Hotel Okęcie in Warsaw;
We also provided stone for the renovation of the Bristol Hotel in Warsaw;
Currently, the company provides stone for the construction of three metro stations in Warsaw.